15 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know

15 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know

One of the main things that cause worry for those of us belonging to the female gender is our appearance. We’re constantly in a battle with ourselves over the way we look – since the time we are born.

At the end of the day, whether or not someone chooses to wear makeup is entirely up to them and shouldn’t be to please somebody else!

Don’t worry! With a few clever make-up and beauty hacks, you too can enjoy the glory, just like you did when you were young. We’ve scoured some of them to make those 15 clever make-up and beauty tricks just for you!

Your pencil has been worn down to nothing; The pot of gel mascara scrapped the floor and the liquid liner dried out. Or you are traveling and forgetting to pack your eyeliner. Oh, the tragedy!

1. No Eyeliner? Mascara to the Rescue!

Your pencil has been worn down to nothing; The pot of gel mascara scrapped the floor and the liquid liner dried out. Or you are traveling and forgetting to pack your eyeliner. Oh, the tragedy!

To save the day: Insert your mascara spool deep into the tube to get a nice mascara lump. Then transfer them to a clean, hard surface (if necessary, your fingernail is ideal). dab the edge of a fine-pointed brush in and draw a very thin line along the eyelashes (a thick coat may not be applied very evenly). This method is safe for your eyes and ensures that your mascara will last a long time!

2. Say No to Powder

For many of us, the powder is an integral part of our make-up routine. This may be because we begin to wear make-up in our teens when our skin is much oilier and … well, tighter.

The problem with wearing powder in old age is that it gets stuck in the skin and eventually has tiny wrinkles and creases that you may not have noticed, but you do not want to draw attention to.

The powder can still be helpful if you are traveling at night. However, it may be better to replace it with one of the many creams or sprays that not only keep your foundation in place but also effectively hide all these wrinkles. These products are also a much better alternative for a more casual beauty routine.

3. Lip

The lip contouring is no secret that the lips naturally become thinner with age. Contouring gives you fuller lips with just a few brushstrokes.

All you need are two shades of lipstick (a darker and lighter shade of a similar color), a liner that is also a complementary color and a normal old concealer. Once you’ve collected the supplies, grab your lips by the edges. Make sure that you do not go over the lips, but over the slightly bumpy part right on the edge of the pigmentation.

Now pull the lines inward to the middle of the mouth. First, fill the outer half of your lips with the darker lipstick and then the middle with the lighter one. Use a sponge to mix the two shades in the place where they meet, but do not go beyond the color of the others.

Clean the edges with some concealer and voila – a more plump pout!

4. Know Your Tone

Finding the perfect base color is a long and tedious process of guessing, testing and rejecting. Each brand has its shades and no two brands have the same base color. So if our trusted brand is unavailable or unavailable, we feel like we’re having a nervous breakdown. However, the fact is that it’s very important to use the right key to make sure your makeup gets to the point.

If you are over 50 years old, there is good news for you. As you age, your skin appears radiant and younger on yellow-toned surfaces, making it easier to select the right surfaces.

Golden tones are generally very anti-age. The yellows in the foundation counteract the naturally occurring gray tones with age and give you a younger-looking complexion.

5. Lip Balm = Brow Gel

Filling the eyebrows to get the perfect shape is one and a half in itself, but if you’re dealing with unruly hair, do not even think about it! They already have about a dozen make-up products and do not want to buy anymore. Luckily you do not have to if you have the colorless lip balm.

Use a clean brush, sponge or even the tip of your finger to dab a little bit of lip balm on your eyebrows until they behave and you can get started. And the great thing about it is that most lip balms contain a lot of vitamin E and the eyebrows are full and lush.

6. Light, Camera, Action!

You’ve just spent a while making sure your make-up gets to the point and you’re ready to go out and face the world. But stop, wait! We all thought we looked perfect at home and are appalled later in the day when we look in the mirror later in the day.

Take a few minutes before leaving the house to do some lighting tests. especially if you go somewhere where you are photographed!

Make sure after makeup that it looks good under the bathroom lighting since direct ceiling lighting is always your biggest enemy. Then go outside and use a hand mirror to measure how you look in natural light. When it’s dark, stay inside and use a flashlight for extra lighting. You can even buy a lighted vanity mirror; Some are even equipped with settings that imitate different types of light. And last but not least, take a picture!

7. Apply Eyelash Glue with a Bobby Pin

We all have experienced the horror that we tried to use counterfeits and either looked like clowns or dropped them off in the worst of times. But done right, they can give your look the perfect finishing touch.

First, choose the right kind of false eyelashes (think wispy and not too long). Then make sure you apply the right amount of glue. Despite what you may think, it does not help them apply too much eyelash glue to stay alive. The opposite is the case. Excessive glue can not only cause your counterfeits to fall off, but also make your eyes look wobbly or worse – in the end, your eyes will be temporarily closed.

The perfect way to apply false eyelashes is to paint the glue with the round ends of a hair clip. Apply a thin line around the edges of your eyelashes and use tweezers to carefully place the false eyelashes and allow them to dry completely.

8. Keep Your Body Odor in Check

If you carry only one body spray, all bets are void. But have you spent a fortune on this expensive, high-quality perfume? Unfortunately, it does not last the whole day and night when you blow it up and go through the air.

Everyone knows that perfumes need to be applied to pulse points, but not many know all the right ones. It’s not just your wrists to dab on, but your ears, knees, and elbows. If it is a subtler fragrance (not too intoxicating and intense), dab a little on your navel and spray it over your back. Do not spray the hair directly, otherwise, it will concentrate in one place and the alcohol may dry out the hair. Instead, spray the perfume on your brush or comb.

9. Toothbrushes Are Not Just For Brushing Teeth

Braids are great hairstyles, no matter how old you are. Not only are they practical and easy to assemble, but they also make you look stylish and young. But as you get older, your hair will be thinning and your braids will be more and more fluffy. That can look pretty pathetic.

To start brushing your hair, braid your hair as usual. After securing your braid with pins or a rubber band, gently guide a toothbrush along each side of each limb “against the fiber”. Then, tenderly pull on each “link” of the braid to loosen it. In combination with the turn of the toothbrush, your hair looks voluminous and “experienced”. You will look more bohemian and less like a strict school teacher. And of course, you will have about 30% more hair than you!

10. Silicone Beauty Blenders

The days when dirty, absorbent sponges were used for make-up are over. Silicone cosmetics mixers, called Sillisponges, are the latest trend and one that we hope will stay here. These sponges are smooth and clear and do not absorb makeup products.

Even the story of how they came about is very interesting. Before Sillisponges was launched for make-up blends, some extremely clever and experimental make-up aficionados found that using silicone bra inserts, also referred to as “chicken cutlets,” blended their make-up To smooth, even results. And so the Sillisponge was born!

11. The Contour in the Kitchen

Or at least get your contour tool – more precisely a spoon – from your kitchen and get ready to shape like a pro! There are so many videos on YouTube demonstrating this trick. Some have even tried a chef’s knife, but for obvious reasons, we advise against it!

Apart from the fact that it is extremely dangerous, a spoon provides a more natural result than a knife. Hold the spoon at an angle that points slightly downwards so that the spoon head touches the apple on your cheek. Use the spoon as a protective shield and apply bronzer or contours under it. Use only what is already in the brush to continue mixing until the product is dispersed. After removing the spoon, you can mix any remains of hardness. Your cheekbones should be sharp enough to be cut!

12. Up to the SPF

We’ve been told a million times that we should wear sunscreen. However, as you grow older, you need to be more serious about SPF. You may think that it makes no sense because you already have wrinkles, but if you take care of your skin, you can limit the damage.

You need to look for a sunscreen that will protect more than just your cheeks, chin and nose. An eye cream with SPF 15 or higher can help reduce crow’s feet. Lip Balm with SPF can reduce wrinkles that cause the lipstick to bleed. And do not neglect your neck – this is another area where lines form.

13. Remover Helps Stay

Nails are another thing that is hard to maintain, especially because all this hard work sometimes takes only a day or two! This is because we do not properly prepare our nails before applying nail polish.

The good news is: nail polish remover helps the nail polish to stay on. Yes, you read that correctly. The main reason that the polish peels off so quickly is the natural oils in your nails that act as a barrier between them, even if you can not see or feel them.

If you wipe your nail with a remover before applying the primer, these oils will be effectively removed. Try to apply your nail polish in this way, and it will last much longer!

14. Eye Shadow…On Your Scalp

With age, we have many beauty problems. One of the most important is hair loss. To find a temporary solution to this dilemma, all you have to do is look after your make-up case. You can use your eyeshadow to paint stained areas to make them look filled. Simply use a fluffy curved eyeshadow brush to gently dab the shadow onto areas that frame the face, which appear to be frugal. Make sure all defects are removed and the hairline is even and finish with a splash of hairspray.

If you’re blond or red-haired, this tip may not be as helpful as the color of the eyeshadow you’re using will fit in well with your actual hair. But if you have brown or black hair, you can start!

15. Go Lighter

Wearing a black liquid liner or a stronger brown may be what you’re used to, but it may be time for you to make changes to your make-up routine. If you’ve noticed lately that you’re getting tired, consider lighter liners. This tip is particularly suitable for those of us who are approaching 40 or more and have difficulty applying the liner properly to the changing landscape of our eyes.

Gel or cream eyeliners are the best choice and have a brush with a fine tip for applying. A medium shade of brown is not as unforgiving as deep black, giving you a fresher, cleaner, and younger look. The formula is also good because it does not draw like a pencil or leak like a liquid. The softer formula opens your eyes and makes you look wiser.

Try to make eyebrows a shade lighter. If you are blond or silver, you may be a shade darker than your hair, but not more.