10 Makeup Tricks That Professionals Don’t Tell Us

10 makeup tricks that professionals don’t tell us

Not all the magic of makeup lies in having the best products and tools. Sometimes you have to resort to homemade tricks to get professional results

Although the occasion is rarely given, it is very curious to see a professional makeup artist in action. Because, apart from being armed with all their cosmetic artillery, an enviable brush belt and a briefcase with makeup products that we do not even imagine they exist, they use makeup tricks that are not sophisticated but effective.

The cotton swabs, talcum powder, paper tissues, and even saliva, as a universal make-up remover

That is when the cotton buds, talcum powder, paper tissues, and even saliva come into play as a universal make-up remover (I swear by Max Factor). Although many will be safe from being discovered, here are some of the most shared by bloggers on the internet. They are all very witty!

1. Lips with 3D Volume

When you have painted your lips with an intense color such as red, fuchsia or brown you can give them a visual effect of volume by applying a bit of Iris eyeshadow of a lighter shade in the middle of both lips. You can achieve the same effect with a clearer lipstick than the one you use as a base or a matte eyeshadow. The key is that you use a light tone for the effect. The clearest example is that of the red lipstick with the pink iris stick shadow.

2. No More Mascara Stains

Especially when we do not have much time to put on make-up it seems inevitable to stain mascara around the eyes, especially when we apply it on the lower lashes. To avoid this, you can use the plastic spoon trick, on which you will rest your eyelashes to make them up comfortably giving a curved shape to the hair. Do the same with the upper lashes and save time, getting a more accomplished finish.

3. Turn Your Eyeshadows into Neon

You can illuminate the boring tone of your eyeshadows by applying a white pencil base on the eyelid as a base. The fusion between both tones will lead to a new shade more fluorescent and colorful than the original. Try also using this technique with your nail polishes, applying a matt white base coat and then a thin layer of the color you want to lighten. It is a technique that Revlon has marketed in its neon duo nail polish.

4. Take Advantage of the Eyelash Curler

The best way to get curved and feminine eyelashes is to apply the curling iron at two different points. First, at the base of the eyelashes (be careful with the pinches!), Then go to the middle of them. In this way, you will get more eyelashes. Also, you can use another very useful and simple trick to get professional eyelashes: heat the curling iron with the dryer before using it to get a better fixation.

5. Zeal to Apply the Eye Shadow and the “Eyeliner”

This trick will serve both to prevent your cheeks from being stained with the dust of the eye shadows, as well as to perfectly define the external “V” of the eye, as well as the termination of the upper and lower eyeliner. When you remove the strip of heat, you will see how defined the eye makeup has been.

6. Homemade BB Cream

Make your BB cream by mixing your favorite moisturizer (with or without treatment) with your makeup base. Depending on how tanned you are, you choose if you want the resulting tone to be more or less clear. In winter, for example, you can use a more subtle mixture, not being so tanned.

7. Long-Lasting “Liner”

If you want the outline of your lower lashes not to fall apart with the passing of the hours, try applying translucent powders with a brush to seal the finish.

8. Raise Your Gaze

First use a light pink matte or flesh-colored pencil to apply a line under the arch of the eyebrow, which thickens in the final half. Then, apply another stroke with the same pencil over the outer half of the eyebrow. Then, blur well with your fingertips until the makeup is melted. The optical effect will make your eyes rise.

9. Extend the Life of Your Mascara

When you notice that your mascara has dried before time (something very common during the summer), pour inside a few drops of artificial tears for the eyes. In addition to being harmless to eye contact, they will extend the life of your mask when you need it most.

10. Eyebrow Mascara Brushes

Don’t throw away the masks of eyelashes that, once the previous trick has been applied, have finally dried. Wash the brushes until the mascara remains are completely removed and use them to groom your eyebrows. To do this, you can impregnate them in brown eyeshadow (remember: always a couple of shades lighter than your eyebrows) and in fixative or petroleum jelly so that they are perfect.