10 Hacks in Life Are Worth Knowing for a Better Tomorrow. Especially #09

10 Hacks in Life Are Worth Knowing for a Better Tomorrow

No matter how intelligent you are, you always need help. Sometimes you just put something somewhere and you forget it and you have trouble finding it. There is a solution to every problem in life, some are harder than others, but they always work.

Whether you accept it or not, you need little tricks in your life to improve it better. Here, we are presenting 10 simple life hacks that can help you reduce some of the usual problems of your life.

#1. How to make someone like you?

If someone does not like you, ask to borrow a pencil. It’s an awesome psychological trick that will make them more loving.

#2. How to know someone interested in your conversation?

Having a conversation with someone and not sure if they’re interested? Fold your arms. If they do the same, they probably are.

#3. How to win a trivial argument?

When you’re arguing with someone and start laughing, It’ll make them even madder. This is a great way to win a trivial argument.

#4. Simple YouTube trick.

Want to see someone an exact time in a YouTube video? Right-click on the video and select “Copy video URL at current time”.

# 5. How to know if you have already shampooed your hair?

Don’t you remember if you have already washed your hair in the shower? Shoot it. If it squeaks, you have shampoo.

# 6. How to make freckles disappear?

Applying lemon juice on freckles fades and can even make them disappear.

#7. How to exit a maze?

To get out of a maze (in a game or in real life), place your hand on the wall and keep walking like that. You will eventually reach the exit.

#8. How to save money?

Pay for things in cash, so the money isn’t “imaginary.” You’re much less likely to waste it.

#9. How to make sure you never lost your things again?

If you spend some time looking for something, find it and use it, put it back in the first place you looked for it.

#10. how to reduce the stress about being late?

Always be ten minutes early at everything, no matter what; once it’s a habit, you’ll never be stressed again by the delay.

What do you think about these simple hacks?

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